UP CO2 Adjuster pierce ONLY for disposable 88g 95g co2 cartridge tank REGULATOR



Product name: UP CO2 Adjuster (pierce)
(ONLY for disposable 88g / 95g co2 cartridge )   #A156


Precision Design, easily to adjust, stable and accurate CO2 output


1. UP co2 regulator designed to easily connect. Simply tighten the regulator clockwise direction by hand, without the need of any tool.

2. To release simple regulator from the CO2 bottle, to be sure the valve of the bottle is close, then release remnant gas pressure from the regulator, then unscrew from the bottle.

3. Do not unscrew the regulator before remnant gas pressure released, that cause damage of the regulator 0-rig.
For 4/6mm co2 tube

All kind of CO2 CYLINDER as a high pressure CYLINDER, contain with 3-4 kg/ cm2 liquid state CO2, UP co2 regulator specially design for use in high pressure system.

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