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2x Control Valve 12/16mm Quick Disconnect TAP - HOSEING FILTER Flow Switch hose



Product name:Control Valve 12/16mm (TAPS VALVE) x2


Fits 12/16mm Hose. : Use this handy ball valve for low-pressure applications like canister filters, pump return lines, and more. Positive barb retention and connection. Easy adjust valve control.

For 12/16mm piping (12mm internal diameter, 16mm outer diameter) Ideal for maintenance of aquarium filters and pumps. Allowing quick disconnection and reconnection to the filtration/pumping system with minimal water spillage.

Strong plastic made
Stand out for high pressure
Switch for water flow
Suitable for hose size 12/16mm


Measures approximately::
4" X 1"  (10.1X 2.7cm) (L x W )

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