2x TAIWAN Moss STONE PAD- Live aquarium tank water plants low light tropical


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TAIWAN Moss STONE PAD x2                 PDA SIZE:4~5~x3~4 cm


Lovely, creeping Moss for all kinds of aquascapes and a wide range of conditions. Ideal for trimming.

Just easily put into your tank, everyone can easily change the plants you want
   and creat your own style of aquascape.
without any injury, plants can live well in a proper circumstance.

These will be a suitable easy to keep species that do not require high levels of light or CO2.
Possibly the easiest of all aquatic plants to grow.



CO2 amount

0~3 bubble/sec



PH Level

5.0 - 7.5 KH Level ˍ▂▃▆▇    

Rearing circumstance will influence the growth of your plants, either length or color. Declared size is approximately standard with of 1 stocks (1). Maximum size differs depending upon rearing environment and the extent of growth.

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