3 ISTA cyanoacrylate adhesive 4gram 0.14 oz coral frags Fragging reef Glue 4g



Product name:  ISTA cyanoacrylate adhesive 4gram (0.14 oz)  x3    #I-810


Special features:
A cyanoacrylate gel type instant adhesive.

Excellent for gluing stony coral fragments to coral rock and other surfaces.

No messy mixing of 2-part epoxy putties, or concern with irritation to tank inhabitants from leaching amine epoxy curing agents.

Highest purity cyanacrylate adhesive available (not diluted with low-cost resins).

Size: 4 Grams (0.14 ounce)

If you buy coral frags, or if you make frags yourself, you need ESV Zap Gel to make sure your corals STAY PUT!

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