3pc Shrimp Bamboo Charcoal Shelter 10cm M -aquarium water plants fish tank moss



Product name:Shrimp Bamboo Charcoal Shelter (10cm M) x3
For crystal red shrimp fish and small ornamental shrimps      



Length : 10 cm  
Inside Diameter:
1.6 - 2.5 cm  (M)
Quantity: 3 pcs

1. Made of special bamboo carbon, which is suitable for shrimps, plecos and small fishes.
2. Help to improve water quality.
3. Absorbing harmful materials, toxins and chemicals that may have bad influence to the creatures.
4. With a smooth surface, this bamboo carbon can not only act as breeding grounds but eliminate organic impurities and smell.

bamboo carbon is dry, due to its making under high temperature.
When receiving, please soak bamboo carbon in water for 12 -18 hours then it will descend to tank`s bottom.

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