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AFRICAN CHCHLID MINERAL SALT 600g- ph7.5~8.4 gh7~15°d vitamin calcium Potassium



Special Formulated minerals for African cichlids



Originates from Lake Victoria, Malawi, and Tanganyika of high alkalinity and hard water. For keeping in the aquariums, it is important to create the water conditions similar to the lake. In addition to the trace elements, it is necessary to offer a higher rate of the calcium ion and Potassium ion in the aquarium. AFRICAN CICHLID MINERAL SALT is essential for keeping AFRICAN CICHLID.


1. Help to maintain the ideal water conditions of pH value of 7.5~8.4, hardness of 7~15°dGH, for color enhancement and breeding ability.
2. Provides buffering of pH Value and hardness of water, supplements Magnesium ions and Potassium ions.
3. Stabilizes osmotic pressure and boost fish resistance to illness.
4. Promote fish health and color enhancement.
5. With additional vitamins formula effectively promote fish’s metabolism, immunity and new environment adaptability.


Na+ Mg2+ K+ Ca2+ Sr2+ Cl- SO42-
Br- B F- HCO3- Al I Fe Cu Zn,
Trace elements, minerals and multi vitamins.


1. One full tea spoon is 5 gram. For the first time use, add 20 gram per 50 liters of water.
2. For hard water use, add 25g per 100 liters of water.
3. After water changes, apply the dosage (20 gram per 50 liters) according to the volume of water that refill in the tank.
4. Each bag contains 1000g for 2500 liters of water. A 5 gram spoon is included.

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