Ammonia Minus Media Filter Sponge 18x10" remove NH4 PAD - Aquarium Zeolite foam


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Product name: ISTA Ammonia Minus Media Filter Sponge   18"x10" PAD


As powerful as the asorbing ability to ammonia of 1000 mol/100g, it removes more than 90% of existing ammonia in the water.

●Even, fine and porous tissue structure assures its powerful chemical absorbing ability.
●Chemical & Mechanical Dual stage filtration.
●For use in custom sumps/refugiums, hang-on filters, prefilter boxes, and more.
●Professional grade. Quick absorbing action with long term effectiveness.
●It can be cut to fit any size of your filter
●Safe for both freshwater and marine aquaria.

Zeolite coated Ammonia Minus Media removes toxic Ammonia - the number one killer of aquarium fish from new or established aquariums.
Keeps aquarium water water crystal clear and ammonia free.
Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
Sealed to maintain freshness and prevent quality loss due to exposure to air.

Measures approximately: 
18" x 10" x 0.39"  / 45.7
x25.5 x1cm (LxWxH)

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