Anubias barteri nana x 14+6 FREE - Live aquarium plant



Anubias barteri  nana x 120~160 leaves (The plant pot excluded)

It is the typical type which is listed to the enrollment kind of water plant [haigurohuira], along with the Amazon sawed. It is the type which from the fact that adherence (being stuck,) it corresponds to the point and the water quality which is the character which is done widely in the stone, and the driftwood is strong to also the light intensity low, the addition of CO2 there is no necessity can be used for wide use.
 As for strong light and fertilizer there is no necessity, to hold down both the tend can raise conversely cleanly. There is no addition of CO2 and it is brought up the [te] without problem, but the one which adds growth is quick, is. It means that the moss is easy to be attached, but the leaf will have been secure, because receiving insect damage is not left over, the organism whose moss taking ability of [yamatonumaebi] and [otoshinneguro] etc is high will be inserted more than usual.
 Adherence the case where it can point it cuts the root which has already extended as shortly as possible, (in root which extends power which is stuck in thing there is no,). Like the caulescent grass because there are no times when it grows facing toward light, in order to become the position where it is suited for admiration, adjusting, it does not care. When it attaches, use of wood tight and the like recommends. Filamentous ones rot adherence before doing, because there are times when stocks are damaged it is left over and cannot recommend.
 Concerning environment and maintenance it is there is no noisy place, but the part like the subterranean stem is damaged, when water flow characteristic to be bad the rubbish and excretory ones accumulate in large quantities, when it imbeds to the bottom floor, there are times when condition is dropped. In addition there are times when after all condition is dropped, even with the tank whose such as the tank which uses the brand-new soil hardness is low extremely and the tank which has been maintained with the RO water.

Anubias barteri  nana

CO2 amount
0-2 bubble/sec




72-92°F (22- 31°C)

PH Level
5.5 - 7.6

8 - 15 cm

10 - 15 cm
Rearing circumstance will influence the growth of your plants, either length or color. Declared size is approximately standard with of 1 stocks (1). Maximum size differs depending upon rearing environment and the extent of growth.