Aquarium undergravel filteration 32.5"x15.4" Under Gravel Filter ENHANCER tank


Product name: Under Gravel Filter 32.5"x15.4"



The  Flow Under gravel Filter is a biological filtration system for fresh or saltwater aquariums. The filter circulates water through the gravel bed and oxygenates it for beneficial bacteria growth.

The slots on the filter plate have been designed to draw water evenly over the entire plate from front to back and left to right. The high tube connectors are molded into the filter plates to offer a secure grip onto the one-inch diameter lift tubes to keep the tubes from being knocked out by fish and preventing gravel from falling under the filter plate.

Caring Guide: At least 1~2 inches of washed gravel should be placed on top of the filter plate before water is added.

Measures approximately:
32.5" X 15.4" X 1.2" (82.7X 39.3 X 3.1cm) (L x W x H )

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