CO2 Diffuser Injection for DIY yeast bottle disposable co2 cartridge tanks plant



Product name: ISTA CO2 Diffuser (Vertical Type)                               #I-508


-for 4/6mm air line.
-Compatible for pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles
disposable co2 cartridge        

High-quality, optimum diffusion effect. Fit for small size tank.
Compact in size and easy in installation with attaching sucker.
The diffuser should be affixed on the bottom of aquarium, for getting the best CO2 dissolve effect.
A simple way to supply CO2 to your planted tank. To supply CO2 gas for water plant photosynthesis, and replacement CO2 canister to ISTA CO2 diffuser set.

Color Clear
Material Plastic
Overall Size 6 x 4 x 14.2cm/ 2.3" x 1.5" x 5.6"(L*W*H)
Package Contents ISTA CO2 Diffuser  *1

Suction Cup  *2

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