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Product name: AZOO MAX BIO BALL    10balls
                                      For crystal red shrimp and small ornamental shrimps  


Safe-Stable-Long Lasting

*Contains selected beneficial bacteria and enzymes, effectively breaking down ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the substrate and water.
*Slowly breaks down for the build-up of stable and long-lasting bio bacteria colony in the gravel bed.
*Each ball contains 2 x 107; bacteria. The bacteria process starts when put in the water.


Bacillus subtilis , aspergllus olize, bitido bacterusu, protease, -amylase.

*Each ball treats 50~100 liters(12-25gal) of water. Use every two weeks.
*Put directly onto the gravel bed for use.
*After opening, properly seal the bag. Keep dry and store in cool place.

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