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Flame Moss stone pad   x2  (each portion 3 by 5 cm/1.5 by 2 inches)

Scientific name Taxiphyllum.sp. While spiral to the frame in sense of the flame, it extends on facing toward light. Growing, excessively, there are no times when it extends too much, it can produce favorite height with trimming, you can use it as a new foreground grass. Basically it is strong kind, but growth slowly. As for water quality weak acidic ~ weak alkalinity, 2 lights, as for addition of CO2 it is effective in 20W shape. In order to like the new water, as for the water changing more one is good, probably will be.



CO2 amount

1~3 bubble/sec



PH Level

5.0 - 7.5 KH Level ˍ▂▃▆▇    
Rearing circumstance will influence the growth of your plants, either length or color. Declared size is approximately standard with of 1 stocks (1). Maximum size differs depending upon rearing environment and the extent of growth.
We all save your expense for combination your shipment fees.
Registered airmail with tracking number: + GBP2.5 / USD3 / AUD 3.5 (Highly Recommended). Please contact us for registered airmail service.


During the shipment, leaves may incur a little defect, such as droop or flat. However, please don't worry
about these condition, in a suitable environment for plant living, leaves will spread to the normal status.
All water plants are inspected to prevent the invasion of algae, snail and pest. But, we remain suggest you to inspect the plants again, before they are planted.

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