Hang on 5 Way Air Pump Manifold Valve Taps REMOVABLE for 4/6mm tubing line tube



Product name:Hang on 5 Way Air Pump Manifold Valve   (The air line excluded)


@ The Hang on 2way air control valve -Allows the user to adjust the amount of air flow entering the aquarium.
@ It allow the are flow of the air pump from
one into multi ways!
@ The outlet air standard size for air line tubing aquarium (4/6 mm).
Will not leak up to 8.5 p.s.i.
@ Hanger fits all standard aquariums
@ Suitable for fresh or saltwater.


1.Air Flow Control Fish Tank Aquarium Lever Pump Valve 2 Way.
2. Aquarium Pump Valve for high power air pumps, with 2 individually controlled outlets. 
3. Having multiple tanks in fish room, it distributes the air to each tank as much as you wish.
4. 2 outlet nickle-plated Air Control Valve with controlled lever.
5. Excellent air distribution and control Air Lever Pump.


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