HEXA Algae Rrser 300ml / 10oz freshwater pond aquarium algae control Remover



Product name:HEXA Algae Rrser  (freshwater aquarium algae control) 300ml / 10 oz


Easy to use formula inhibits the growth of many types of algae and retards growth of suspended algae blooms and algae on the sides of tanks and ponds.

1.  Is An Algae Eliminator for Freshwater Aquariums, Small Ponds and Fountains
2. Fast Acting
3. Stops Algae Growth
4. No More Green Water
5. Controls the Difficult To Eliminate String Algae
6. Helps to Control Future Algae Growth
7. Will Not Harm Fish Or Live Ornamental Plants
8. Will Not Cloud Water
9. Caution: Not safe for use with mollusks such as snails and clams, or with crustaceans such as shrimp

Made in TAIWAN
300ml / 10 oz liquid bottle.

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