Indicator CO2 Glass Drop Checker Test KIT, ISTA Solution 10cc AQUARIUM Real time


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Product name:ISTA CO2 Glass Drop Checker Test KIT   # Gup02


● Monitors levels of CO2 &PH  in aquariums
● Made of glass, for max reliability
● Easy reading with color chart
● Specially-designed to suit a professional's needs
● Provides accurate dosing of CO2
● Ensures fish and plants live in a healthy environment

ISTA CO2 Indicator Solution, 0.34 fl. oz. (10ml)   x1
Glass Drop Checker x1
color check sticker x1
Suction cupx1

** we are selling
CO2 Indicator Solution, 0.34 fl. oz.**

CO2 Indicator Kit is used to monitor approximate CO2 levels and also helps gauge CO2 levels in aquariums. The kit includes a 0.34 fluid ounces CO2 Indicator Liquid, CO2 Indicator, and a color check sticker to help gauge CO2 levels.
Simple to use and easily viewable from any angles.
Viewable from all angles
Easy to use and maintain


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