ISTA 50pcs BIO BALL (S) 31.5mm Blue Color - Aquarium Filter media Pond balls


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Product name:ISTA 50pcs BIO-BALL  S ( 31.5mm )   Blue Color   #I-291


●Helps in distributing smooth water flow through the filter.
●Compact in size to fit small filter or any other filtration system. Works with both marine and freshwater tank.
●Leads the water flow through a longer traveling distance within the Compact Bio Ball to more effectively decompose toxic ammonia and nitrite through biological filtration.
●Leads consistent and steady water flow to achieve best purifying results.
●Non-clogging so intensive cleaning is not necessary. This prevents washing away nitrobacteria colony.
●Numerous chambers inside the bio-cube provide optimal oxygen dissolution.
●Distributes smooth water flow through the filter.
●Provides an excellent biological filtration ability to assure the best water quality.

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