ISTA AIR FLOW CONTROLLER two way Air Pump Manifold Valve - 4/6mm tubing aquarium



Product name:ISTA AIR FLOW CONTROLLER two way   #I-974


Allows the user to adjust the amount of air flow entering the aquarium.
The outlet air standard size for air line tubing aquarium (4/6 mm).
Will not leak up to 6.5 p.s.i.
Hanger fits all standard aquariums
Suitable for fresh or saltwater.

1.Air Flow Control Fish Tank Aquarium Lever Pump Valve 2 Way.
2. Aquarium Pump Valve for high power air pumps, with 2 individually controlled outlets.
3. Having multiple tanks in fish room, it distributes the air to each tank as much as you wish.
4. Excellent air distribution and control Air Lever Pump.

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