ISTA Aquarium Fish Tank Compact Syphon Cleaner Water Filter Gravel leveler new!


Product name: Small Type Compact Cleaner Syphon Water Filter    I056


   ●Easy start-up with few squeezes or shaking the cleaner up and down.

      ●Efficiently separate debris from gravel
●Adjust water flow at anytime when changing water

·     ●Curve design or water vacuum bottle, no clogging of water flow
●High-tenacity material made water vacuum bottle installed with filtering net, prevent from sucking in small fish accidently.
●Simply use ISTA extending rods to make syphon cleaner longer for changing the water of larger and deeper tanks.
●Hose holder included, stabilize the hose well on the bucket.

●Connect the hose with Compact Syphon Cleaner and stabilize the hose on bucket by using hose holder.
●To start changing water, simply squeeze the "pressing start-up pump" or shake the cleaner up and down few times!
●Repeatedly stick the cleaner into the gravel, debris will be automatically taken out. Please adjust the "water flow adjustment valve" to low volume if the gravel or substrate is sucker out.


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