ISTA CO2 diffuser Corner Fits suction cup 4/6mm air line tube- aquarium Solenoid



Product name: ISTA CO2 diffuser ( Corner Fits )    #I-692  

Special features,
Made of top quality transparent acrylic.
Fan shape design to fit to tank corner to be space compact.
The diffuser chamber can hold up to 150cc of CO2 to distribute good CO2 level.

Compatible for pressurized Co2 tanks & DIY yeast bottles
 disposable co2 cartridge      

How to use:
Place and attach the diffuser to the corner of the tank in vertical position.
Connect the CO2 supply pipe to the CO2 inlet of the diffuser.
Empty remaining air in the diffuser then inject the CO2 to the chamber of the diffuser.

Daily CO2 injection is recommended. Release all remaining air in the diffuser chamber before CO2 injection.

For 4/6mm tube (Does not contain)


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