ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor Diffuser (M) 12&16mm - aquarium tank plants Atomizer



Product name:ISTA Max Mix CO2 Reactor (M) Diffuser   #I-528


Best way to diffuse the CO2 into planted tanks! There is no CO2 loss in this system. Inside the reactor, the CO2 bubbles are broken down constantly until they´re completely dissolved into the water.

When using regular (ceramic plates) diffusers, there is loss when the CO2 bubbles reach the water surface.

for 360~1000L/H water flow // 12/16 &16/22mm hose


  • The most efficient application of CO2 dissolution.
  • The patented impeller design completely crushes the CO2 bubbles.
  • Compact in size, and can be used either internally or externally.
  • Durable to acidity and impact resistant.
  • Designed to prevent CO2 gas from collecting at the top.
  • Electricity is not required, since it uses the flow of water from the filter.
  • Easy to clean and simple to maintain.

For 4/6mm co2 tube (Does not contain)


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