ISTA Super Activated Carbon Media Filter Sponge 18x10"- aquarium bio-sponge foam



Product name: ISTA Super Carbon Media Filter Sponge   18"x10" PAD


●Specially selected best quality low ash coal. Uses a Hi-tech manufacturing process of grinding, Spraying to pass a strict quality control.
●Even, fine and porous tissue structure assures its powerful chemical absorbing ability.
●Offers excellent chemical filtration ability to assure the safe and clear water quality.
●Chemical & Mechanical Dual stage filtration.
●Absorbs odors, discoloration, and toxins.

●For use in custom sumps/refugiums, hang-on filters, prefilter boxes, and more.
●Professional grade. Quick absorbing action with long term effectiveness.
It can be cut to fit any size of your filter
Safe for both freshwater and marine aquaria.

Effectively absorb odor, dislike color and harmful substances to assure ideal water condition.

Measures approximately: 
18" x 10" x 0.39"  / 45.7
x25.5 x1cm (LxWxH)

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