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ISTA Water Plant Clip Tip Stainless Tweezers - Aquarium layout Tool Forceps pet


Product name:ISTA Water Plant Clip    #I-546




1. Forged stainless steel, excellent flexibility and is rust resistant.

2. Dynamic design provides an easy and convenient operation.

3. The delicate clip and very fine end design is perfect for planning tiny water plants.

4. Allows manipulating with precision and delicacy even with the smallest and most delicate water plants.

*The products is designed according to the human engineering principle. It is made of top graded stainless steel materials, easy and convenient to use. It also serves as the best utensil for those expertise water plants cultivators in the caring of young aquarium plants.
*Special design for planting aquatic plants in difficult area.
*Keep out of reach of children.

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