Java moss PAD 8x8cm- moos Live aquarium fish tank water plants steel mesh


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Java moss PAD x1   PDA SIZE:8x8 cm Stainless steel mesh


Lovely, creeping Moss for all kinds of aquascapes and a wide range of conditions. Ideal for trimming.

 ● Just easily put into your tank, everyone can easily change the plants you want
   and creat your own style of aquascape.
without any injury, plants can live well in a proper circumstance.

These will be a suitable easy to keep species that do not require high levels of light or CO2.
Possibly the easiest of all aquatic plants to grow.



CO2 amount

0~3 bubble/sec



PH Level

5.0 - 7.5 KH Level ˍ▂▃▆▇    

Rearing circumstance will influence the growth of your plants, either length or color. Declared size is approximately standard with of 1 stocks (1). Maximum size differs depending upon rearing environment and the extent of growth.

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