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KH Carbonate Hardness Test Kit for freshwater saltwater plant reef fish tank




For freshwater, aquatic plant, saltwater, reef aquariums and ponds
Carbonate hardness is the direct measurement of bicarbonate concentration. In both freshwater and saltwater systems, bicarbonate is an extremely important buffer that not only stabilizes the buffer system; it also maintains the pH value. It influences the solubility of CO2 and is a resource for plants to complete biogenic decalcification too.
Each kit includes a sample vial, color comparison chart and reagent for 60 tests
(when the average dosage is 5 drops each time.)

1. Each drops means 1°dKH.
2. The number of drops corresponds to the carbonate hardness. For example : If total drops is 7, then, you get 7°dKH.
3. In a water plant aquarium, KH between 3.5 ~ 5.0 °dKH is recommended.
In a salt water aquarium, KH between 9 ~ 11°dKH is recommended.

Measurement Vial:1
Color chart:1

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