nano CO2 Diffuser Suction cup 20mm- Aquarium plant tank


Product name:Glass CO2 Diffuser


using with co2 tank only, excluded a yeast bottle
Crystal Handcraft Efficiently Longevity Effortless
*The subject is glass material, high crystal.
*Made with fine ceramic, diffuse effectively.
*It is ideal CO2 dissolve device and can count CO2 bubbles.

Suction cup (free) x1

*The CO2 atomizer should be affixed on the tank bottom in order to get the best CO2 dissolve effect.
*When CO2 atomizer to soak bleach water three minutes (will be recovered) then rinse it with tap water and reuse.
High quality, high effciency, durable use. Spaceless, especial for small tank

Please soak this device in bleach water 15 minutes when its diffusion effect is lower than the new one.

Rinse it with water and soak for 30 minutes. After that, atomizer will reach the normal function.

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