Red Bee Shrimp Vigor Extract 100ml - ecdysis breed CRS


Product name: Bee Shrimp Vigor Extract    100ml x1  



The vivid body color of bee shrimp is always determined by nourished elements food and optimum water condition.  The water condition with correct elements and vitamins  combination plays the key role of forming the rich white shell and survival rate of  larvae of bee shrimp .

Add one screw cap of  bee shrimp Vigor Extract to 50 liters of water weekly. This will not only supply essential vitamins to bee shrimp but also raise 0.5° of dGH up. Normally it could be raised one degree daily until the hobbyist's desired range. Suggest establishing the correct water condition than introducing shrimp into the new start tank. The desired GH range should keep 7° or above, please use GH TEST to monitor the healthy water condition. The raised degree of GH would be lessened probably when use black soil or adsorption filter materials. Please make test for water than use considered additional dosage.

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