Sicce Syncra "Silent" Pump Model 1.0 251 gph 5 FT. Head- Aquarium Fish Tank



251 GPH 5 FT. HEAD

Syncra Silent Pumps

The Syncra Silent is new range of energy efficient pumps that is absolutely silent.

Don't be fooled - these pumps are powerful and versatile.

Ideal for fresh and salt water aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains, water-cooling and all submersible and in-line applications which require high performance and total silence.

Thanks to Sicce’s 35 years of experience, Syncra Silent are equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced rotor which makes the pumps 100% silent.


• all models available with 6' bi-polar or 20' grounded cord

• flow rate 251gph

• ceramic shaft and bearings

• durable rotor and shaft

• standard thread intake & discharge barb fittings included

• resistance to harsh conditions

• Submersible or inline use

• adjustable flow rate

• 3-year or 5-year extended warranty with online registration and purchase from an authorized dealer

 5 feet shut off

 16 watts / 120 volts

 Comes w/ 6ft. cord

 Pump Dimension: 90mm x 48mm x 72mm

 CE & UL listed

Advantages of Synchronous Motors by Sicce

Synchronous motors have the following advantages over non-synchronous motors:

- Speed is independent of the load, providing an adequate field current is applied.
- Accurate control in speed and position using open loop controls is possible.

Their power factor can be adjusted to unity by using a proper field current relative to the load. 

A capacitive power factor, (current phase leads voltage phase), can be obtained by increasing this current slightly, which can help achieve a better power factor correction.

- Their construction allows for increased electrical efficiency when a low speed is required.

- Better Performance.

- Higher Head Pressure per watt

- Higher Flow Per Watt

- More efficient

- Maximum energy conservation and lower electric bills

- Quiet Operation below 30db.

- Much Smoother Rotation

- Less heat transfer

- Fewer vibrations

- Programmable Controls are made possible for automatic speed regulation.

- Rotors can be made smaller than asynchronous motors with better performance

Syncra 1.0 Pump: 251gph, 5' max head, 2.17ps



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