Spawning BOX 0.7L satellite hanging outside Breeding Seperating Fish Fry rearing



Product name:Spawning rearing formula (S) satellite box hanging outside


It is a multi-purpose expression breeding box hanging outside. With air air pump is discharged, in order to circulate in the water box breeding in the aquarium main is lifted up, they back into the aquarium main automatically while supplying the breeding water that contains plenty of oxygen always you.
In addition, water quality and water temperature in the box is the same as the water tank of the main (the difference between the air temperature and the ambient temperature of the water tank of the main if severe. Might be the difference enters the water temperature) equipment insulation in the box because it's basically and does not require the installation of a filter.

0.7L volume

A box of fish-spawning ovoviviparity such as Platys and Guppies
• The treatment areas of small saltwater fish and coral
Development of larvae and juvenile fish in the box, the various
• The breeding such as Bee Shrimp
• The breeding of betta and killifish
• The isolation of the fish box weak

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