Taam RIO Precision Coral Clipper S - SPS Hard Reef Frag Cutter Propagation tool


Product name: RIO Precision Coral Clipper for Small SPS



Coral Clipper is dedicated to carving cutter pliers, or if you are too, such as the growth of coral SPS Coral (Acropora), a healthy portion of coral and a portion has melted.

Because you are using the stainless steel 316, you will be able to use long-term confidence in saltwater aquariums. You are convenient to use and gels such as Coral Coral Glow Tech's bond to anchor small coral and live rock cut.

There are a number of coral will die by carving depending on the type of coral. Please check with your dealer if the organism is unknown.

I'm using 316 stainless steel after use, wash well with water immediately, wipe off the moisture. Use a commercially available, such as anti-rust, if necessary.

This product has a very sharp cutting edge and shape. Please take care in handling.

Keep out of reach of children.

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