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Tantora Catappa Bark 20g - Indian Almond Leaf Ketapang Red Bee Shrimp fish color


Product name:Tantora Catappa Bark      20g



● Anti bacteria
● Stimulate aquarium fish & shrimps color
● Improve water conditions

Let’s get to know multiple benefits of Catappa

v Relieve aquarium stress of fish and shrimps. Stress is one critical factor which leads to high mortality rate of aquarium animals.

v Mimic the natural habitat of fish and shrimp. Make them feel like living in their natural environment.

v Rich in Tannin. Has antibacterial and antifungal properties and help reduce the chance of bacterial infections and improve aquarium animals’ health.

v Stimulate reproduction rate of aquarium animal.

With wide various benefits, these are the reasons why Tantora Catappa product spopular among aquarium animal hobbyists. Tantora’s organic products are well –known in European and US market for over 5 years. Our products have been trusted among shrimp and fish breeding communities.

Catappa bark differs from Catappa leave as the bark will immediately sink to the bottom of the tank. It will gradually release nutrients for shrimps and fish. In addition, it serves and habitats for shrimps. The barks will be soften if left soaking in water for over 5 days, which can be shrimp food sources.

Usage Instruction:
v Catappa bark stick: 0.8-1 cm wide and 8 cm long. Use 1 piece per 120 liters of water.

v Put in boiling water for approximately 5-10 minutes before dropping into the tank.

v Replace every 2-3 weeks.

*** Very good for SHRIMP : Many Shrimp Breeder use Catappa Bark to control PH water , It is effective product for them. ***

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