Tantora Catappa Essence 30ml - Indian Almond Leaf Ketapang Bee Shrimp fish CRS


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Product name:Tantora Catappa Essence  30ml



● 100% Natural
● Immune Stimulation
● Induces coloration
● Reducing mortality rate
● Water conditioner

Tantora Catappa Essence - Best solution to aquarium hobbyist - made from high concentrated Catappa leaves extracts. Safe and controllable, this product is especially researched and tested by renowned Thai water animal researchers. The main ingredient of Catappa Essence is Catappa leaves. 1 liter of Catappa Essence is extracted from 2,500 fresh leaves. The extract method Tantora has adopted is superior to other techniques as it can extract 2 times higher level of Tannin and nutrients from the leaves than others. Therefore, Tantora Catappa Essence’s concentrate is the top of the market; therefore, only minimal amount is needed to deliver satisfied result.

In addition, Tantora Catappa Essence consists of various vitamins and nutrients benefits to strengthen aquatic animals health such as Vitamin C, required for essential metabolic reaction and ease stress; Vitamin B complex required to improve immune system and Sodium Chloride (NaCl) that helps healing injuries, killing parasite found in water and reduce water stress.

Instruction: Use 1 ml or 1 droplet of Tantora Catappa Essence per 50 liters of water. It can be used daily or every time after cleaning the tank.

Caution: Do not use more than 10ml per 50 liters of water, as Tantora Catappa Essence is highly concentrated.

Tantora Catappa Essence Key facts:
Concentrated extraction from Catappa Leaves.
Rich with Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex and nutrients necessary for aquatic animals.
Prepare water condition to suit aquatic animals’ natural environment.
Ease water stress
Help aquatic animal with its coloration especially for shrimps and fish.
Enhance sex maturity
Heal injuries and killing germs in the water.

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