Tantora White Mineral Stone Montmorillonite Rock 100g Crystal Red Bee Shrimp CRS


Product name:Tantora White Mineral Stone (Montmorillonite) 100g


Tantora White Mineral Stone is a clay mineral composite of Montmorillonite. This clay is derived from geologic tectonic plate activity, volcanic action and river hydrolysis. Montmorillonite silicate has attracted and attached potent mineral nutrients from mountain soils and streams. The nutrients in White Mineral Stone have properties to absorb toxins and improve water clarity. White Mineral Stone once dissolved into water provides trace minerals necessary for coloration and health of ornamental shrimps.

Benefits of Tantora White Mineral Stone
1. Absorb toxin in the fish tank onto the clay particles which helps improve water quality and clarity

Montmorillonite has powerful adsorption and absorption powers. Naturally, White Mineral Stone has a negative charge inside the layers of the stone, while toxins have positive ions. The negative-ion White Mineral Stone will attract positive ions of toxins and bind them. Toxins commonly found in the aquarium include Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrite, Methane and other wastes.

2. Contain sufficient nutritions that encourage growth, health and higher survival rates of the shrimps.

White Minerals Stone consists of minerals require for shrimps includes:
Si (Silicon) is main nutrient in building shrimp’s exoskeleton. Shrimp’s shell will be hardened after molting period.
Mg (Magnesium) is activator of several enzyme systems and digestion for shrimp. Normalize shrimp’s metabolism.
Ca (Calcium) is vital in shell building process and helps regulate pH balance.
Na (Sodium) is essential nutrient in improving shrimp’s osmoregution.

3. Reduce poisonous substances in the water. Improve shrimp’s health and enhance coloration.

Usage Instruction:
v Tantora White Mineral Stones function best when it is saturated with water.

v Leave Tantora White Mineral Stones underwater to swell with water for 30 minutes before putting it to the tank. This will prevent cracking and breaking of the stone.

v Recommend to use 100g of White Mineral Stone per 50-70 litre of water.

v Replace after 4-6 months.

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