Tri-Regulator & co2 Solenoid Regulator - 3way Brass


Product name:Tri-Regulator + CO2 Solenoid Regulator  x1


1. Upward Type CO2 Solenoid Regulator X1
Tri-Regulator X1

 # Use single cylinder and split to 3 different outlet.
 # you can supply Co2 to 3 aquariums, without having to purchase
    additional Co2 tank!
 # only for electronic regulators.

Example of CO2 Brass Divider with CO2 electromagnetic valve & co2 tank

THE CO2 Solenoid Regulator Description
power:100-240v    50-60Hz
PIPE:1/8" PT
PRESSURE:0-10 kg/cm
 high pressure

1. Ensure that regulator is connected securely to the CO2 cylinder, and placed on a stable level ground.

2. Please do not apply lubrication to any parts of the regulator.

3. Other than changing the CO2 cylinder, please do not attempt to  change any parts of the regulator on your own.

4. Our regulator is able to prevent all backflows, especially when the pressure inside the CO2 cylinder is getting low. This will prolong the operation and life span of the CO2 cylinder.
fits Australian, Asian, European standard type refillable co2 cylinder.
or "no pin" US refillable co2 cylinder.
if you need adapter for no pin of paintball, CGA320 cylinder, pls link to:


While using Solenoid Regulator, please slowly turn on CO2 tank to prevent to trigger the flame-proof switch inside Solenoid Regular.
(Triggering the flame-proof switch will cause Solenoid Regular shut down; then the Solenoid Regular need to be replaced)

1. Please place it smoothly, prevent dropping.
2. The pressure regulator is set its safety value during 4~6 kg / cm² ( it displays 4kg / cm
²  ) Do not adjust the regulator by yourself.
3. Never lubricate it with grease.
4. When it is installed in PRO CO2 Controller, make sure screw tightly in case of leak
5. Before plugging in the magnet valve, check the voltage first.
6. Never spill water on PRO Pressure Regulator. Do not disassemble the device by yourself.

Fits all tanks with 21-22mm connector and refillable cylinder