Twin Display Thermostat 500W/300W/100W Heater 50~500L FISH TANK Salt Water


Product  name:
ISTA  Twin Display Thermostat 500W/300W/100W Heater
  Buili-in five electronic   EXPLOSION


****MADE IN TAIWAN****  AC100~240V 50/60 Hz  universal voltage

1. For aquarium in-door use only.
2. Check power supply, power outlet, and voltage in  comply with rated values.
3. To set desired temperature, turn the adjustment knob  of Thermostat to the desired temperature.
4. Put Heater into aquarium, submerged in full, at a  position with good water circulation.

1. Fix Heater body with suction cup into water.
2. Plug Thermostat into Power outlet, the pilot  green will come on. The pilot red light will come on for  timer the heater is heating. Temperature is achieved  when heat source light turns on and off.
3. To avoid inaccurate detection, the Heater must  be completely immersed in the water.
4. Do not mount Thermostat in areas subject  shock, vibration, high temperature, moisture, or rain.  In case Thermostat body dropped into water or invaded by  water, disconnect the power as soon as possible, and  then bring this product to authorized shop for repair.
5. For your safe and avoid the dangerous, please  cut off the power before changing water and off the  aquarium and wait for 15 minutes to move.
6. The most depth it can reach is 1 meter.
7. In order to ensure safety reason, please pay  attention to the change of the temperature in the water  for the first 2 days.
8. For safety reason, please don't disassembly  the Thermostat or Heater by yourself.

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