UP AQUA Siphon Cleaner MINI - aquarium fish tank wood coral sand Gravel



Product name: Siphon Cleaner "MINI"  


*In mini-reef and aquatic plant aquariums clean gravel bed WHILE making a regular water change. Small vacuum cup
makes cleaning around and under stones, wood and corals easy.

*Specially designed to work with inside aquarium filtering systems like sponge filters and submerged cup filters. Small
vacuum cup cleans the gravel bed WHILE you change the water. Sponge filter completes the cleaning job!

*Unique valve lets you accurately control water flow - no sand or gravel will be sucked out with the guck that you
remove when cleaning large or miniature tanks!

*Clean out decaying fertilizer the same time you make a water change to prevent algae growth.

*Adjust length of pipe to achieve maximum efficiency.

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