Up aquarium CO2 Atomizer system 16/22mm - diffuser Hose plants tank new design


Product name:up CO2 ATOMIZER SYSTEM co2 Diffuser  16/22mm Hose use 

2015 new design
Accessory can be replace.


  • Newly Safely-Nutsr system designed for lock on the CO2 tube and water tube. You wouldn't worry the tube loose off by pressure or gravity.

  • It adopt Reserve Osmosis (RO) Technology that can diffuse CO2 in atomize Stage. The usage of CO2 will much less than even, it also come out with complete dissolved rate and produces excellent effect for the aquarium.

  • There is three specifications 8/12mm, 12/16 and 18mm/22mm for all kinds of external filter and hose.

  • For fresh water & marine tanks.

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