UP Co2 Pressure Regulator Magnetic Valve - Adjustable Solenoid planted tank


Product Name:  
UP CO2 Pressure Regulator With Magnetic Valve  #A151



1. CO2 Pressure Regulator (Magnetic Valve included) has passed quality testing. It is ready to install without any further adjustment.

2. Easy to install and maintain.

UP CO2 Pressure Regulator (Magnet Valve included) is a high quality product. It can be ready to install without any further setting or adjustment. For the sake of safety, the following.


1. Please place it smoothly, prevent dropping.
2. The pressure regulator is set its safety value during 4~6 kg / cm2 ( it displays 4kg / cm2 ) Do not adjust the regulator by yourself.
3. Never lubricate it with grease.
4. When it is installed in UP CO2 Controller, make sure screw tightly in case of leak
5. Before plugging in the magnet valve, check the voltage first.
6. Never spill water on UP Pressure Regulator. Do not disassemble the device by yourself.

-Brand New In Box / High Quality Regulator

fits with standard type co2 cylinder of Australian, Asian, European.

or, US co2 cylinder without "pin".

we have a transform connector for this item transform for US standard type and  USA CGA refillable co2 cylinder **without "pin"**

POWER:100~240V   56-60HZ  universal voltage