Water Softener Pillow ION EXCHANGE net bag 380g/13oz. GH Reducer soft water fish



Product name: Water Softener Pillow (380g / 13.4 oz.) x1
Mechanical filter medium for freshwater aquariums


Water Softener Pillow is scientifically proven to recude general hardness by lowering calcium and magnesium levels. Also removes heavy metals and reduces white, crusty mineral deposits on aquarium surfaces. Water Softener Pillow can also be reused after it is recharged in a salt solution. Full instructions are inside packet.Softens water and maintains a stable pH level.Best water treatment for soft water fish like Discus, Neon, Dwarf cichlid, Betta... etc.Provides the ideal environment for plant ecology.

Suitable for freshwater fish such as discus, tetra, cichlids, blood parrot,killifish and betta.


Water Softener Pillow is a universal product and can be placed in most types of aquarium filter systems.

Please do not buy this product if you are in a real hurry to use it (i.e. if it is an urgent replacement) as it is international shipping, which can take between 1 to 2 weeks (in rare cases possibly longer). I would not want any harm to come to your livestock as a result of this!

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